S-HLC Modern Languages Staff visit Caistor Grammar School: Helena Chadderton and Giorgia Faraoni

On Wednesday 4th October, responding to an invite from Mr Andy Holland, S-HLC staff visited Caistor Grammar School in Lincolnshire for a Modern Languages Day. This is the first School of Histories, Languages and Cultures Outreach event of the new 2017-18 academic year.  S-HLC is pro-actively committed to building educational partnerships that continue to profile the University of Hull as an anchor institution in the region.

Dr Helena Chadderton (French Studies) gave an inspiring talk on studying Modern Languages at University, followed by a thoroughly engaging French language workshop focussed on the upcoming Nuit Blanche in Paris. She repeated both sessions as Year 10 and Year 11 pupils learned about contemporary French culture while also extending their vocabulary and communicative skills. Modern Languages was presented at Caistor as a discipline that involves the study of culture at least as much as it promotes and facilitates language learning. This is why Hull’s staff are collectively grouped as Modern Languages and Cultures.

In parallel, Giorgia Faraoni (Italian Studies) taught Caistor pupils from Years 10 and 11 how to introduce themselves in Italian and how to ask for and give a telephone number. As students stood, sat, worked in pairs, in groups, moved around the room, it was clear that learning Italian from scratch is a highly enjoyable experience. Laughter and learning moved hand in hand just as language and intercultural learning did too.

The Head of School for Hull’s S-HLC, Professor Chris Harris, said: “The visit to Caistor has been a joy. Helena and Giorgia gave excellent, inspiring and enjoyable classes, and Caistor pupils engaged throughout with intelligent, spirited and good-humoured interactions. Mr Holland and his colleagues welcomed us warmly and we very much look forward to a next collaborative event, possibly a campus visit from Caistor.”

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