Hull staff and students are invited to a major conference on contemporary media and politics

On Thursday 16th and Friday 17th November the University of Hull will host the annual conference of the Political Studies Association’s Media and Politics Group on the first floor of the Canham Turner Building at the University’s main campus on Cottingham Road.

This year’s conference (entitled ‘It’s not the end of the world!’) focuses on the radical shifts in political landscapes currently being seen in Britain, the United States, Europe and indeed globally. It will include sessions on the UK’s 2017 election, the changing roles of journalism, and the nature of political communication in the age of fake news, as well as presentations touching on China, North Korea, Russia, financial crisis, populism, social media and Brexit.

The conference is scheduled at open 10.00am on 16th November with an address on the state of UK politics by Professor Philip Norton (Blake Room, First Floor, Canham Turner Building). Other highlights of the conference include two keynote presentations on the political communication techniques of Donald Trump by Professor Karin Wahl-Jorgensen (13.00-14.00, 16th November, Blake Room) and Professor Mark Wheeler (11.00-12.00, 17th November, Blake Room).

The conference is scheduled to feature other high profile speakers from around the world including Professor Peter Berglez, Dr Jen Birks, Professor Jay Blumler, Dr Vincent Campbell, Dr Stephen Cushion, Dr Emiliana De Blasio, Dr James Dennis, Dr Julie Firmstone, Professor Ivor Gaber, Dr Emily Harmer, Dr Dan Jackson, Dr Andreas Köhler, Dr Ki-Sung Kwak, Dr Darren Lilleker, Dr Ben Little, Dr Mari K. Niemi, Professor Ulrika Olausson, Dr Katy ParryDr Paul Rowinski, Professor Michele Sorice, Professor John Street, Professor Mick Temple, Professor Dominic Wring and Professor Candida Yates.

We very much welcome students and staff of the University of Hull to attend any of the conference’s speaker and panel sessions.

For further information and full programme details please contact Dr James Zborowski:


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