History graduate Jonathan Crompton reflects on his undergraduate experiences and his career in accounting and finance

Name: Jonathan Crompton

Degree: BA in History 2009-2012

Current profession: Audit manager at Deloitte LLP

I have been in my current role since graduation from the University of Hull in 2012, being accepted into the graduate intake at Deloitte in the September of 2012. After a three year training contract I qualified as a Chartered Accountant (ACA) in 2015. I am currently a manager in external audit with a specific focus on international clients. This involves me planning and executing the audit of global businesses and managing the relationship with my clients. On a daily basis, I find myself visiting numerous clients across a wide variety of industries and liaising with their key finance staff.

Impact of degree: History is a fantastic, broad subject which allowed me to develop various skills including critical thinking, the ability to quickly read and summarise large amounts of texts and data, and the ability to compose reports and communications. Further, I think the degree often put the onus on me to drive my own learning and perform independent research. Often, people can overlook the importance of these skills, but they are transferable into many industries/careers. It is also a passion which provides a welcome break from daily work.

Plans and ambitions: Within the working sphere, I plan to continue my progression internally within Deloitte, potentially taking the opportunity to work internationally for a period. The real benefit of my chartered accountancy qualification is the flexibility which comes with it. However there is life beyond work and thus it’s important for me to travel wherever possible and remain physically active.

Career development tip: Have enthusiasm for your job, even if it isn’t your long term goal. This is contagious and will ensure that people have a good impression of you. Early career development is incredibly important. Obviously this isn’t possible all the time, but it should be your objective when you wake up every day. Often it is difficult to find a career you will naturally enjoy, you have to learn the parts of the job which suit you best and try to involve yourself in them more.



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