S-HLC Essay Competition 2017: Reflections from our French Language Prize Winner Roberta Hadgraft (Hornsea Sixth Form)

Roberta Hadgraft, Year 12
Hornsea Sixth Form

It’s easy to dismiss emails; many of us scan through our inboxes rather passively – myself included. However, I was drawn to one particular email from my Sixth Form Office in early October. It advertised a unique opportunity for me to exercise and ideally enhance my French writing skills outside of my fixed A-level curriculum, whilst providing an incredible potential addition to future university applications by complementing my desire to pursue a degree in the language. I viewed it as a no-brainer. I made my French teacher, Mrs Johnson, aware and immediately set forth on my journey. She was just as enthusiastic as me!

Roberta Hadgraft – Third from stage left

I began by thoroughly analysing Tawada’s quote by engaging myself in her background and contemplating her possible metaphorical objectives. In time, I consolidated the interpretation I felt most convincing and consequently prepared a structure for my piece. Once planning was concluded, I was finally able to introduce my language skills by diligently crafting the essay word by word. Then, once refined and ready, I submitted my entry and anticipated the result.

I’m certain that you can imagine how delighted I was to receive an email from Dr Chadderton, the organiser of the project, a few weeks later. It contained an invite to the competition’s awards evening; I was honoured to attend the event in the wonderful company of my family, Mrs Johnson, and her daughter, Ruby. A focal part of the night, for the winners of each category, was reading out a segment of their essay. I must say that for me, although daunting, this particular experience was quite unforgettable. It allowed me to reap valuable confidence in French speaking and challenge myself even further. We ultimately concluded in conversations and congratulations from staff of the University, who I must say were all incredibly lovely and encouraging.

In conclusion, I couldn’t recommend entering this competition more. Personally, I would eagerly accept the chance to do it again!


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  1. I feel that I must record here, in public, my unreserved admiration for Roberta’s eloquence in English – as well as French as we heard on our awards evening. The achievements are truly excellent. [Professor Chris Harris, Head of School]

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